1. Jack & Coke

From the recording Jack & Coke (single)

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From Lynda Kay's appearance on the Emmy Award-Winning Series Justified in "Watching the Detectives"


Jack & Coke (by Lynda Kay Parker)
Well, I wanna get drunk tonight,
I'm 'onna pick me a fight,
I don't care if it ain't right,
Just give me a Jack & Coke.
I got a scratch that needs itching,
And a thirst that needs quenchin'
So shut up with your bitchin'
And pour me a Jack and Coke.

Jack and Coke,
Jack and Coke,
Even better with a Marlboro smoke,
Well, tomorrow I'm gonna feel like I'm hanging from the end of a rope,
From a-drinkin' too many Jack and Coke.