1. The Mask

From the recording Black & Gold

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(Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister & Lynda Kay Parker)


And so the wheel turns again
Who does it catch or cast aside?
How many people who never fell in love?
So many trying to make it through the night

But we were so perfect you and me
Lost in each other’s arms so hard we tried
Sweet nothings in the afterglow
Nothing to lose nothing to hide

The mask is made we where it well
We may fool ourselves we may deny
But the face behind the face
Never changes till the day we die
Never changes till the day we die

We were so sure that we would never change
We’d be together all our days and nights
But all too soon our love was doomed
Sleeping with the enemy and wondering why

And when sometimes we meet again
Nervous gestures and a painted smile
No spark between us you would never, ever know
We ever laid together all those magic nights

The mask is made it wears you down
Robbed of our dreams we are ourselves no more
Without the mask you would everyone is crying
That’s what masks are for
That’s what masks are for