1. The Mask

From the recording The Mask

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"The Mask" is a song written and sung by Lynda Kay Parker and Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister of Motörhead
Producer: Jonny Coffin
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Dave Casey
Mastering Engineer: Dave Collins
Guitars: Lynda Kay, John McDuffie, Lucas Sader
Hammond B3 Organ: Carl Byron
Bass: Jason Chesney
Percussion: Michael Jerome Moore
Violin & Viola: Ginny Luke
Cello: Vanessa Freebairn-Smith
Special thanks to: Rani Casey, Neighbor Cat, Michael Butler, Josh Newell, Singerman Management & Dessa Kirk.


The Mask (by Lynda Kay Parker & Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister)

LEMMY: And so the wheel turns again.
LYNDA KAY: Who does it catch or cast aside?
LEMMY: How many people who never fell in love?
LYNDA KAY: So many trying to make it through the night.
LYNDA KAY: But we were so perfect you and me,
LEMMY: Lost in each other’s arms so hard we tried
LYNDA KAY: Sweet nothings in the afterglow
LEMMY: Nothing to lose nothing to hide

Both: The Mask is made we wear it well,

Both: We may fool ourselves we may deny

LYNDA KAY: But the face behind the face,

LEMMY: Never changes till the day we die.
Both: Never changes till the day we die.

LEMMY: We were so sure that we would never change

LYNDA KAY: We’d be together all our days and nights,

LEMMY: But all too soon our love was doomed,

LYNDA KAY: Sleeping with the enemy and wondering why

LEMMY: And when sometimes we meet again

LYNDA KAY: Nervous gestures and a painted smile

LEMMY: No spark between us you would never, ever know,

LYNDA KAY: We ever lay together all those magic nights

Both: The Mask is made it wears you down,

Both: Robbed of our dreams we are ourselves no more

Both: Without the mask you would everyone is crying,

Both: That’s what masks are for,
Both: That’s what mask’s are for.